Husband of Anne of Snatching confessed to the terrible crime

Муж Анны Снаткиной сознался в страшном преступлении
Viktor Vasilyev says he made it for his wife.

Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Husband of Anne of Snatching Victor Vasiliev admits that his wife constantly surprises him. “For example, his iron will power — I. Here wanted to learn English and did it! And continues to teach! Wanted to establish a proper diet and established. And so successful in this that now can access courses “how to lose weight in a few days.” Can you imagine: she’s on the set and touring carries a small scale to measure out the correct “dose” products. If suddenly sees that gained at least a pound, starts to worry and immediately goes on a diet”.

Seeing the suffering wife about excess weight Victor solved the problem like a man- dramatically.

“Anya’s gonna kill me now, but I confess to the terrible crime. We broke down home scales, Anya asked them to look at. I immediately realized that it is necessary only to replace the battery but told Ana that is out of order electronics and need some serious repairs. And now at home no weights, Anya walks in a great mood, and I’m happy that she’s okay!”

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