Husband of Anna Netrebko threw for the singer’s 70-year-old wife

Муж Анны Нетребко бросил ради певицы 70-летнюю супругу Yusif Eyvazov, has entered into a sham marriage. Then his choice was a 70-year-old journalist Adele Ferrari. She helped the talented tenor to advance in your career and get the long-awaited European citizenship.
Муж Анны Нетребко бросил ради певицы 70-летнюю супругу

In almost all interviews Yusif Eyvazov assures fans that the first time married 38 years on the Opera diva Anna Netrebko. What was the surprise for lovers of classical music, when they learned that in the life of the tenor was another marriage.

The Alliance with the 70-year-old Adele Ferrari man carefully hides. It is understandable, because marriage, according to friends of the artist, was a sham. Influential journalist had connections among Italian politicians, and in the end helped his protégé to obtain citizenship.

“It was a marriage of convenience, so-called business partnership. Career Yousif not really went: he only played in provincial theatres in Italy,” said the friends Eyvazov.

Fans of the star couple managed to find out that the ex-wife of the tenor comes from the famous Italian journalist dynasty. Her son and first husband also worked in Newspapers, while reporting from hot spots. Itself Adele Ferrari previously was actively involved in politics. She was a member of the party, member of the Lega nord, which in those years was sharply opposed to migrants.

Sam Yousif in a recent interview lifted the veil of secrecy over his past. He noted that once she had been in a very serious relationship, and they were extremely adventurous.

Official marriage between Yusif and Adele was signed in 2001. Then the tenor was 24 years old and his bride about 70.

By the way, the Italian journalist looks much younger than his age. She carefully monitors the figure, and fashion, trying to find outfits that are appropriate for her figure. Rumor has it that the former couple managed to maintain a good relationship after the breakup, and they still communicate well.

In the end, the fans could even find the profile Adele Ferrari on a Dating site. As it turned out, the woman is still in search of love. The reporter indicated that she does not have dependent children, does not smoke, but loves alcohol. Interested fans and among the interests of the Italian pointed out to the classical music and Opera.

Anyway, now Yusif absolutely happy in marriage with Anna Netrebko. The man has repeatedly admitted that did not expect to attract the attention of a famous Opera diva. The couple live mainly in Austria, but toured around the world with performances.

Eyvazov was able to find a common language with Netrebko’s son, Tiago, to whom in early childhood was diagnosed with autism. In an interview, he said he was ready to do anything for the boy and considers him as his child.

According to “KP” ex-wife operatic tenor refuses to go on air with reporters. Adele Ferrari prefers not to comment on a fake marriage with Yusif.

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