Husband of Anna Khilkevich hinted at the addition to the family

Муж Анны Хилькевич намекнул на пополнение в семье
The actress celebrated paper wedding.

Anna Khilkevich with her husband and daughter

Photo: @Instagram annakhilkevich Anna Khilkevich

Anna Khilkevich with her husband Arthur on the eve of celebrating a wedding anniversary. The actress got married exactly two years ago, and six months after the wedding, the couple had a daughter Arianna. Anna with her husband congratulated each other personally (they are currently conducting a joint vacation in Croatia), as well as left each other’s wishes in social networks.

Husband Lee in its publication hinted that he was waiting for Anna bear him and heir. “My love! Exactly two years a… go boldly, passionately, loving and respecting! You are the wife of my dreams, fish of my dreams! For complete lacking only the little Archie juniora!” — wrote the actress a spouse. Unknown does the husband of Anna about an uncertain future or, perhaps, Lee is already in position? Anyway, fans have supported the star couple and wished them to live together until their Golden wedding, and give birth to many more children.

And in fact last week Anna had to give the official comment about his… divorce. Fans became suspicious when, having with Arianna without the head of the family first flew to rest in France, and then in Croatia. Fans of the actress expected that Anna broke up with her husband and, therefore, forced to travel alone. “Someone writes in the comments that we got divorced… because the rest separately! Well how about that, guys?” — responded to rumors the actress. As it turned out, the husband of the star had to fly to Croatia later that he did.