Муж Алены Водонаевой увозит ее в свадебное путешествие The husband of TV presenter decided to surprise her. Alain Vodonaeva decided not to hide from fans such a good news, because they never ask her about when the pair will still go on their honeymoon.

September 11, Alena Vodonaeva was married to musician Alex Cosine. The lovers were married in St. Petersburg. The TV presenter has long dreamed of a beautiful celebration, and was very glad that the chosen one has realized all her wishes. Alena Vodonaeva is getting married. PHOTO

Despite the fact that the couple threw a chic celebration, they failed to immediately go on a honeymoon. Fans were looking forward to, what a place for a romantic trip choose Vodonaeva, and never ceased to ask her about the trip. However, Alena said she and her husband are so busy working on different projects that are unable to leave even in order to be alone with each other for a few weeks. As it turned out, only in the holidays they were able to make time for a fabulous vacation.

“Tonight my husband said that on 1 January we are leaving for our honeymoon” – shared the joyous news Vodonaeva with fans on Instagram.

Alain did not hide that very much wants to finally enjoy a honeymoon. Subscribers girls in microblog are very happy for the couple. Moreover, they now hope that soon couples born child. “Congratulations, have a nice weekend, good luck to you”, “It’s very romantic and touching. Be happy and loved each other so over time, it is not extinguished. The most elegant time when kissing on every corner, not noticing anyone when touch creates a wave of sensations inside. Save that, please, you are a couple like no other, you some other, your world is not available, but very attractive. Peace to your home and family,” I wish them the users of the Network.

The fans, by the way, we can only guess what kind of place chose Cosine for the honeymoon. Although… fans somehow have no doubt that he will try to do everything for his beloved. Alena admitted to “StarHit” that the chosen one knows how to surprise her. It is no secret that their romance has evolved very rapidly.

“Everything changed in one moment: Alex the morning of may 1 came to visit as a good friend, and in the evening we fell asleep together and never parted, – said Vodonaeva. – Still remember that day in “Luzhniki”, where Alex performed to a rap festival, he came to me in the dressing room and kissed him on the lips. By surprise, I was speechless. Not believe what just happened. But what about our friendship? He gave me no chance to think about the situation, just took it and made my decision.”