Husband Nyusha gave her a romantic surprise In Italy

Муж Нюши устроил ей романтический сюрприз В Италии Igor Sivov took the wife to Venice. Singer Nyusha tries to spend as much time as possible with the chosen one. Besides, love often accompanies the star during a tour in different cities and countries.

In mid-August it became known that the popular singer Nyusha married. The chosen one 27-year-old actress was 36-year-old President of the International Association of student sports Igor Sivov. Recently a man decided to give his wife a surprise, he gave her an unforgettable trip to Venice. Apparently, the famous singer managed to find time in his busy schedule to spend alone with my husband.

Now, the actress indulges fans of images from walks on the Italian city. They rode on a gondola, admiring the ancient architecture.

“You get used to the unusual transport. Venice is a unique city in terms of movement…No traffic jams and problems with Parking. By the way, there is nothing to compare. In my beloved Moscow the situation with traffic and Parking have changed dramatically in recent years and, I believe, for the better,” said Jane.

Fans are happy to watch a family idyll of their idol. They left enthusiastic comments about the artist and her husband. “I am glad for DUSHECHKA! Finally waited for his happiness!”, “Very beautiful couple. I wish you happiness!”, “What you lovely! I wish you happiness! You fellows that are spending so much time together,” wrote fans.

As it turned out, the actress went not to a romantic trip, and on tour. With her travels her entire team. Apparently, the spouse Nyusha managed to find the time to accompany his wife abroad. I must say that Igor often comes to those cities, which will play its second half.

After the wedding, the singer began to talk about his wife. Despite the fact that previously, the artist tried to talk less about personal, and now she decided to devote fans in your life. After it became known about the marriage Nyusha with her lover, fans were eagerly waiting for the confirmation from the idol. A few days later Jane turned herself in. Singer Nyusha married in the Maldives

“I want to dispel all the rumors, speculation and gossip… Officially announce that I got married! I never talked about his personal life, so this event I carefully concealed. It’s time you about it to tell,” he solved the mystery of a famous singer.