Husband Nicole Kidman made her four months to wait for his call

Муж Николь Кидман заставил ее четыре месяца дожидаться его звонка
The actress had to fight for the heart of a spouse.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


The other day Nicole Kidman surprised
his fans, admitting during the show Ellen DeGeneres, that she does not
failed to produce any strong impression on who later became her husband Keith
Urbana during their first meeting. Kidman, who still gave him just in
in case your phone, afraid that she never calls…This information
appeared on the website

As told 49-year-old actress when
she met Keith in the beginning
2015, she fell in love with a charismatic singer from the first sight. But her sense,
alas, it was not mutual. “I was so excited, but he was clearly not interested in me.
It’s true! I had to wait for his first call four months!” —
said the actress.

Fortunately for Nicole,
some time later, Kim is still able to evaluate Nicole appreciated. But although
Kidman and urban have been married for almost 11 years and are raising two daughters — 8-year-old
Sandy and 6-year-old faith, marriage Nicole isn’t simple. Not once
began to spread rumors that the couple are teetering on the brink of divorce. But
Kidman is not going to give up so easily — she intends to fight for the preservation of
his family.

This year, as
happened in the past, the couple will walk the red carpet separately. However,
this time they have an excuse: they had to attend two different important
events in one day. Kit – for Grammy, and Nicole the BAFTA, which is called the British “Oscar”.
As for the awards of the American Academy, which Kidman
nominated for her role in the drama “lion”, but this year the actress may well become
the winner for the second gold statuette. It was first awarded in
2002 for the film “Clock”.