Муж Наргиз Закировой назвал расставание с ней трагедией Philip Balzano takes part in the new season of the show “the Voice.” The programme he gave an interview in which he told about his feelings for Nargis Zakirova. According to the man, he is extremely upset by the divorce.

Philip Balzano and Nargiz Zakirova were together for twenty years. The couple lived in the United States, where he performed with the concert program. However, after the artist became famous in Russia, her marriage cracked. Now the spouses do not live together.

The ex-spouse Nargiz Zakirova: “She knows that I want to get into “the Voice”

Behind the scenes of the show “the Voice” Balzano gave an interview in which he spoke about personal experiences. The man did not deny that the divorce had resulted in his severe emotional trauma.

“We were together twenty years, and the breakup turned for me into a real tragedy. However, I love Nargis and now the door in my heart for her is always open,” said the artist.

For many fans parting Zakirova and Balzano was a real surprise, enter from the side they seemed genuinely in love with each other. Nargis even made a choice in one of his videos. Fans of the actress are sure that the breakup happened because of her career success.

Philip Balzano decided not to lag behind the ex-wife and also went to win “the Voice”, which once glorified Nargis. Early man for many years, has built a musical career in the United States. He sang in front of a Russian audience in the cafes and restaurants.

Nargis and Philip prefer not to comment on the reasons for his departure. The man only said that their relationship is in crisis, and the lovers were unable to save the marriage. According to the artist, he’s always been partial to Russian women.

“I had four wives, and all four are Russian. I can speak your language, but it turns out bad, so better in English. I’m like a dog – understand everything, but the right to Express their thoughts,” says the man.

Now the couple rarely communicate, but they have a daughter Leila. In addition, Nargiz has two children from a previous relationship.

To perform at the show “the Voice” Philip chose the song Hotel California. After the brilliant performance turned all of the mentors. In contrast to the former beloved, which is in a similar situation given preference to the team of Leonid Agutin, Balzano decided to go to Pelageya. Fans of the project believe that men have good chances to win.

Nargis herself has not commented on the attempts of the wife to build a musical career in Russia. The singer prefers not to discuss with fans and personal life, but in Instagram is divided mainly working photos. However, fans believe that the heart star is not free, and therefore it does not react to creative victory Balzano. Nargiz Zakirova: “My ex-husband is asking for 40 thousand dollars for a divorce”