Муж Мерайи Кери встречается с бывшей участницей ТLC

Husband of American singer of Marii Carey (we never heard about their divorce, so technically they are still husband and wife) Nick cannon, it seems, has also found personal happiness. Chosen one artist became Rozanda “chili” Thomas, one of the singers of the once popular group TLC.

“Nick and Chile meet in secret for several weeks. Before they were friends, and just this summer looked at each other with different eyes. Chile is a very independent grown woman who knows what she wants, and who have achieved a lot in music. Nick always liked her as a woman and as an artist, ” said the insider.
It is no secret that Nick always preferred women older than. However serious the affair the insider asked not to be identified because they themselves had not yet determined its character.
“They’re not that couple, just Dating, going on dates, having fun” — said the source.
Meanwhile, Maria Carey married nick, still going to marry your Australian fiancé billionaire James packer. The wedding will take place in the coming weeks, the singer and lose weight managed to look perfect in your perfect wedding dress, but at the last moment opposed to cannon. Nick, who filed for divorce back in 2015, suddenly decided to divorce the mother of his two children, which led Merayu already try on veils, infuriating. I hope a new novel will change the relationship of the nickname to what is happening, and it will allow your spouse to be happy in his new marriage.

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