Husband Lolita nearly took part in massive orgies in the sect

Муж Лолиты едва не принял участие в масштабной оргии в секте

A few weeks ago, the singer Lolita has told that her husband was the victim of a sect that is hiding behind the name “the school of personal growth” extorted money from the people, turning them almost into a zombie. Her beloved husband Milavskaya managed to pull out of this community however, history has not been forgotten. Lolita continues to share details of your stay Dmitry Ivanov in a cult, talking about the degrading practices of people.

“To learn to not care about public opinion (what I also call on many, but not by such methods), according to the center, need if you “boy”, to go to the store and buy items of women’s clothing. Dima has become leggings, one bra or borrowed second halves. Then I had to put it on, and then like this to visit public places. It’s probably incredibly promotes personal growth!” – ironically Lolita.

But more to come! Courses on personality development turns practically to the organization of large-scale orgies: “On the eighth day to completely relax man, all I say we split into groups and with the lights off and turned on music to remove his pants and show the other classmates genitals. And then suddenly the light turns on. Can you imagine what the pleasure was a hundred and fifty people looking at each other.”