Husband left Nicole Kidman without a gift on birthday

Муж оставил Николь Кидман без подарка на день рождения
The actress managed to hide their disappointment.

Муж оставил Николь Кидман без подарка на день рождения

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


Nicole Kidman, who celebrated this year
your 50th birthday, met his family. Of course, as stated
actress, she didn’t want the noisy celebrations on the occasion of their anniversary. But
the holiday was, perhaps, too modest.

As told to the hero of the occasion, all
she received is balloons, flowers and cake! Of course, the cake is decorated with raspberries, was quite a respectable size. But still,
for this anniversary, this was, perhaps, a little… However, Nicole managed
to hide their disappointment when her husband Keith urban her nothing presented — even
a symbolic souvenir. “I got birthday hugs and
kissing my loved ones. The more I do not!” — said the actress.

Nicole met his jubilee in the society of their
daughters — 9-year-old sandy rose 6-year-old faith Margaret, and her husband. Apparently, Keith
decided that his presence at the birthday party of his wife enough for her
gift. After all, urban often misses important dates and anniversaries for that Nicole
him last time was very offended. So, last year Keith ignored the 10 year anniversary of their wedding.
He did not wish for such an important event to transfer at least the day of your next
concert. So the anniversary of “tin wedding” Nicole had to celebrate in
alone. It’s good that at least this year urban honored wife of his
the presence on the anniversary of her birthday.

However, this birthday anyway Nicole will be remembered for a long time. Indeed, in his run-up to
to commemorate their anniversary, she decided on a photo shoot, which she called
“crazy”. 50-year-old actress
photographed for the magazine Love in a very unexpected to her outfit — Frank
the red swimsuit lace-up and cowboy hat!

Nicole Kidman