Мужа Ларисы Долиной подозревают в изменах The singer long did not go with her husband into the light. Evil tongues say that Ilya Spitsyn wrong Larisa Dolina. Presumably, therefore, stress the star has strongly gained weight.
Мужа Ларисы Долиной подозревают в изменах

62-year-old Larisa Dolina – famous Russian pop singer. She built a career, won many prizes and awards, but they say that in personal life she is not so good.

Larisa had three husbands, her daughter angelina from his first marriage have already grown up and created his own family, giving birth to granddaughter Alexandra. But the secular parties are rumors about difficulties in relationships between the Valley and her third husband, bass-guitarist Ilya by Spitsyna, with whom she is in a relationship for about 20 years.

Actress wife suspected of adultery, which she grieved. Presumably, this was reflected in her figure: artist stout. By the way, the last time the Valley is not published with your spouse. So, after returning from the festival “new wave”, where she sang with a 7-year-old granddaughter Alexandra, the Valley went to the festival in Jurmala, which was organized by singer Laima Vaikule.

But Spitsyn did not accompany wife. And the neighbors the Valley, whose property in Jurmala, saying that not seen him for a year. This gave rise to discuss the breakup of Larissa and Elijah.

“They say they broke up. Like Ilya cheated on her. She drove the traitor, but boredom became a lot there, and the once-chiseled figure swam”, — informed insiders.

We will remind that earlier in interview to Larisa Dolina said that simply ceased to adhere to proper nutrition. “I have already done with the diets, she said. — Just tired. I wanted to live in his pleasure. The more I anyone else have nothing to prove. Although sometimes I think to lose a few pounds. That’s just so many different ways today that you can’t decide”.

The valley had already managed to get rid of extra pounds in record time and impress everyone with your transformation. “Sure, the singer will soon take himself in hand, lose weight, and definitely will meet a new love” — quoted a source close to the stars of “the Express newspaper”.