Муж Ларисы Долиной отказался праздновать Новый год с семьей
The singer spoke about his plans for the holidays.

Larisa Dolina


Before the onset of the most magical holiday of the year is just one week. The stars, who still have a series of corporate events, already planning how and with whom will you celebrate the New year. Christina Aguilera, for example, preparing for a trip to the mountains, and Larissa Dolina already packs suitcases on a cruise.

62-year-old singer is determined to fulfill an old dream and go on an unforgettable journey. “On December 31, my daughter and granddaughter are flying in Miami. A few days later get on a boat and go on a Disneyland cruise to the Caribbean. We dreamed about it for many years, but granddaughter was little. Now she has grown up and she can be in such cruise. We are very looking forward to it!” — told the Valley in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” .

Company Valley will be her daughter angelina and granddaughter Alexandra. But her husband — Ilya spicyn from the trip refused, having referred to strong employment. However, Larisa reiterated that the rumors about problems in relationship with spouse — gossip of ill-wishers. In her house there is complete harmony, says the singer.

Recall that in late September a friend of the Valley of Lena Lenina told that he had been at the filming of the divorce of the artist. She posted a video where he spoke about the breakup of the singer and Specimem. However, the release of this show never aired.