Мужа Ксении Бородиной подозревают в романе с Настасьей Самбурской
Kurban Omarov rest in Spain in the company of the actress.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: @samburskaya Instagram Nastasya Samburski

This turn in the history of the tense relations of Xenia
Borodina and Kurban Omarov was impossible to predict. Fans suspected
TV presenter wife in affair with Nastassja Samburski. As it turned out, the actress and
husband of Xenia flew to Spain, where they spend time together.

Despite the fact that at the moment any picture Kurban and Nastasia in the Network has not yet appeared, the fans never for a second do not doubt that the actress is resting in the company of her husband Xenia. The fact that one of the photos in her microblog eyed members spotted lying on the Desk phone and glasses, the owner of which, presumably, is the lobster. After the publication of fans of the TV presenter turned against Samburski, but she only laughed it off. “I have no conscience. No. Today I do not follow the rules. Yes, it really is a thing… didn’t pay for my ice cream, traitor. Ate a salad at my expense!” — she wrote.

However, all this does not indicate
romantic feelings between them. Just the fans are desperate
speculate about the reasons for suddenly soured relations between Xenia and Eid.
Some time ago appeared in the media speculation that the couple had quarreled
because of their joint business. Someone thinks that Xenia and her husband had ceased to communicate on
because of the excessive jealousy Borodina, which allegedly even put on the phone
chosen spy software for surveillance. Now to the list of possible scenarios
the incident quarrel Xenia and Kurban added his “love affair” with the star of the series “Univer”.

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