Муж Ксении Бородиной продемонстрировал семейную идиллию Kurban Omarov spent Monday night with her daughter Theon. The businessman went with the heiress for a walk. In the microblogging happy dad showed the photo with the little girl and dedicated her a poem.

      Муж Ксении Бородиной продемонстрировал семейную идиллию

      Husband Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov decided to take care of children Monday evening. A father was going for a walk with a stroller, where there were little Theon. The man adores his little girl. Kurban was so overwhelmed by feelings for Thea, which he dedicated to her the poem which had signed the photo with my daughter.

      “With your name on his lips
      Wake up and rejoice.
      With your name, spirit of the Charter,
      Stumble and fall.
      Like a prayer is pronounced,
      I’m a father, I don’t feel any fear,
      Remember that I’m breathing
      With your name on lips.

      The followers of the microblog businessman touching the affected lines, which he dedicated to his heirs. The Eid from the first marriage a son, Omar, named after his grandfather. Boy gets along well with her stepsisters, so they are often seen together on a walk or during a family trip to an amusement Park.

      Муж Ксении Бородиной продемонстрировал семейную идиллию

      Eid was happy, when in 2015 he learned that Xenia is pregnant and they have a daughter is born. According to the couple, the baby is very like his father. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Omarov said that the birth of Thea it has greatly changed. The father realized that the heir should be brought up differently than my son. Husband Ksenia Borodina for the first time about his daughter: “It’s an incredible happiness!”

      “I ask whether there is a difference between raising girls and boys. I’m not so strict. But AMA did not allow himself melting down. We have not had all sorts of mothering: if he fell, I, like any other father, saying the son “arise”. We have clear communication, we understand each other, I, of course, and kiss, and hug, but like a man, without nozzle… But with Theon all the way around. She was still a little, but turned me into a cheesecloth. I, without realizing it, as it turns out, begin direct in front of strangers with her Lisp, to COO, my life would not have allowed himself such with Omar. My daughter can be – she’s a girl. This is the only case when a man can officially become a “rag”, – told the father of two children.

      Despite the fact that Kurban Omarov and Ksenia Borodina willing to share family pictures in social networks, they are unable to live under the gun cameras 24 hours a day, although the leading show “House-2” such a proposal was received.

      “Every day you ask for details about my personal life. I have a happy family, I have children that I love more than life, the work on which I go with great pleasure, friends who are loyal to me, and I them! I’m happy to share with you my mood, new ideas, photos and videos of his life and what makes me happy and laugh. But there are subjects I’m not interested in discussing. By the way, a couple of months ago I received an offer round-the-clock shooting of my life, these videos wanted to sell you. I refused to put my family on the sale is not ready”, – said the subscribers Ksenia. A mother of two lovely daughters explained his decision by the fact that at home she prefers to rest and not to think, how to behave in front of the camera.

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