Супруг Ксении Бородиной откровенно рассказал о браке с телеведущей
Kurban Omarov told about what is happening in their relationship.

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov

Photo: Instagram.com

Rumors that the family of Ksenia Borodina and Kurban
Omarova not all go smoothly for two months. Fans in all kinds of indirect
signs realized that between the spouses ran a black cat. Xenia and Eid
stopped wearing a wedding ring, moved to different apartments and removed
each other from social networks. However, they studiously avoided
reviews on the topic of personal life.

But in a recent interview Eid did
a Frank admission of what is now the state of their marriage. Lobster
said that no longer maintains any contact with Xenia. Even that
she, along with his six-month old daughter, Thea went to Turkey where recently took place
attempt a military coup, Kurban learned from friends. Moreover, despite
the fact that he is very worried about the fate of their baby, to call Borodina
Lobster did not. The whole situation in Turkey, he was “observed” through his
friend, who asked to keep him informed of events. According to her husband
Borodina, he experienced terrible stress and not sleeping through the night when they learned where
is Thea.

By the way, many fans of the pair suggest that Xenia and
Kurban could have secretly divorced. This conclusion was made from recent
statements Nastasya Samburski, which spent a few days in the company
Omarova in Spain. In one of the comments to the image, with the participation of the first actress
called it “someone’s ex-husband”.

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