Муж Ксении Бородиной объяснил, почему не работает Kurban Omarov spends her days with her little daughter. The parents decided to arrange for his beloved heiress to the view outdoors. The main role in the production was given to Kurban Omarov, and operator of Ksenia Borodina.

      Husband Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov repeatedly surprised the followers of his microblog touching shots with the family. Some time ago, the family of the businessman has faced a difficult period. Ksenia Borodina was going to divorce her husband because caught him in infidelity. Kurban was able to prove to the woman that he didn’t cheat on her. Husband Ksenia Borodina will be tested on the lie detector

      After the conflict Xenia and Kurban realized that family relationships should be based on mutual trust and love, so put maximum efforts in order to restore peace in the family. The businessman devoted much time to raising children. In particular, lobster loves to babysit her daughter Theon, entertaining her in all possible ways. “With the advent of life has acquired new colors, now all the attention our large family belongs only to her,” – said the happy father a few months after the birth of her daughter.

      In this environment the little Tay really wanted dad and mom have been with her all day. She recently recovered from illness last week she had a virus which was accompanied by high fever. Now the baby has returned a healthy appetite, she smiles a lot and laughs. Thea asked dad to give her a holiday, and he could not refuse.

      “I wanted to go to work, but I found something else to do. Now I work in the theater for my daughter and her cat,” wrote Eid.

      In pictures Thea and white cat watching the performance Omarova. Left-overs Ksenia Borodina, which I captured this touching moment. Fans of the couple are glad that the television personality and businessman together again. Subscribers microblog Omarova think he’s the perfect father. “And so should be Papa! I wish you happiness!”, “We have the theatre in the evening! Children and parents entertain the little Princess”, “a mental and a nice photo” – such comments have been left followers of the first.

      Kurban Omarov has posted the first photo with his wife after a breakup

      We will remind that the conflict between Borodina and Omarova arose after the Eid al went to Spain, where he uploaded on a social network the photos with the star of the TV series “Univer” Nastassja Samburski. Internet users immediately decided that he had an affair with an actress. However, it appears that they are connected exclusively to the partnership. “In Spain you have a big company. We were there discussing the project, signed the contract. It so happened that she was there on vacation, and my company flew her to Spain, not to lose time,” – said Omarov.

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