Husband Ksenia Borodina gave her a gift in a million

Муж Ксении Бородиной преподнес ей подарок за миллион In addition to the planned holiday, Kurban Omarov picked for my favorite very expensive gift. Spouse leading TV project “House-2” tried to surprise her and make this birthday unforgettable.

      Муж Ксении Бородиной преподнес ей подарок за миллион

      For the family of Ksenia Borodina March 8 – first her birthday, this year TV presenter turns 34. For near Xenia has prepared a celebration to be held in one of the best “sea” restaurants of Moscow.

      “My favorite wife takes in hand the organization of all events, says “StarHit” businessman Kurban Omarov. – We have revised our fellowship, so that guests will come a little bit from the strength of twenty men. On the table are crayfish, lobsters, sea urchins and oysters – Xenia wanted it is a menu. Definitely will give you a luxury cake from Renata agzamova – his masterpieces traditionally, each of our holiday.”

      It will cost a expensive celebration – the Banquet, according to conservative estimates, costs about one million rubles. In addition, the husband of TV presenter has prepared for her a gorgeous surprise.

      “The last two weeks Xenia is considered one fashionable bracelet. She discreetly admired him, only in my presence, smiles Eid. – I just realized and concluded that once the couple Kusinich girlfriends already have such a vivid decoration, and she doesn’t, she probably wants to get a gift that is him.”
      Муж Ксении Бородиной преподнес ей подарок за миллион

      Cartier Love bracelet white gold with diamonds at the official website of the brand is from one to four million rubles. Presents for the birthday girl cooked and children.

      “Mary and Omar know what the best gift is made by hand, so they drew for Susie 30 pieces of cards and will give them every half hour, running up with congratulatory shouts and hugs, – has told spouse”.

      The morning telediva accepts congratulations from friends and relatives who are trying to brighten up for her that day and make it memorable. Apparently, the planned celebration Ksenia Borodina will remember for a long time, because her family made every effort to ensure that everything went perfectly.