Husband Ksenia Borodina flashed vocal talent at the karaoke

Муж Ксении Бородиной блеснул вокальным талантом в караоке Kurban Omarov named a rising star chanson. Husband Ksenia Borodina lit in one of the karaoke clubs of Moscow with the song “Bird of luck” Andrei Makarevich. The video of his speech, the man told in a microblog.

      Spouse leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina and the father of her youngest daughter Teona Kurban Omarov had followers of his microblog. The chosen star has demonstrated that it is also not devoid of creative talent and it may well take its place in show business.

      Kurban Omarov has published on his page in the social network of short videos, which can be used to judge the presence of his outstanding vocal abilities. Relaxing with friends in one of karaoke clubs of Moscow, Eid al sang a song from the repertoire of the group “time Machine” “the Bird of luck”. Performed so that his subscribers watching the video in the microblog, called Omarova rising star of the chanson and asked him often to publish such videos.

      “Great talent, a star of a chanson. Class!”, “No kidding, she was good”, “Cool love, respect, respect, Kurban!”, “What a voice, great! Can more songs in the movie?”, “Well, talantische Eid, you more and more surprised!”, “What? Very even nothing! And let’s to the artists? That would be great!”, “A million times already looked great!”. “Oh, what a man. I would have listened and listened!”, “It’s great! Eid, spread more video of you singing!”, “Immediately to the stage. Format chanson your, you – the talent”, apparently, after the fiery performance at the karaoke club, the number of fans of Kurban Omarov will increase.

      It should be noted that the construction and Ksenia Borodina, despite strong employment and chores associated with the children, never disregard the opportunity to go out, to arrange a romantic date, and meet friends. Recently the star couple together with children Mary, Theon and Omar vacationing in the United Arab Emirates. Eid and the day she spent time with her daughters and son, and in the evenings lit club discos. Ksenia Borodina came off with her husband on vacation

      We will remind that more recently, she and her husband experienced difficult times. In relations Borodina and Omarova discord occurred. However, after some time, the celebrity has managed to restore peace in your home. Now they show the family idyll and mutual understanding, delighting their many fans.