Husband Kim Kardashian wanted to commit suicide

Муж Ким Кардашьян хотел покончить с собой The famous rapper and father of a large family shared an unexpected detail. According to Kanye West, he thought about how to settle scores with life. But he was able to defeat the detrimental thoughts that haunted him for a long time.
Муж Ким Кардашьян хотел покончить с собой

Despite the glitz and luxury that surround the family Kardashian-West, the musician life is not as easy as it seems numerous fans. More recently, 41-year-old rapper does not get tired to shock the audience for his controversial posting on social networks.

First, he said of the serious illness of a mental nature. Bipolar disorder, which affects the artist, formed the basis of his new album, the cover of which appeared the inscription: “I hate bipolar, it’s awesome.”

No sooner had the fans of Kanye to move away from this news, as the rapper got a new post, where he admitted that just recently thought about how to settle scores with life.

Муж Ким Кардашьян хотел покончить с собой“I watched a documentary about Alexander Malouine shown and compared with his life. I know what it’s like to feel that they want to improve their own lives, even if it means to kill yourself with your own hands. I have had some thoughts and want to share with you what stopped me from doing so. Rule number one: avoid those people who make you think about suicide,” wrote the musician.

Known spouse of musician Kim Kardashian is not happy with this behavior of the spouse, in addition to the strange social media posts, he occasionally unflattering comments about their marriage in public. Moreover, in the presence of Kim herself. All this does not fit into the image of the ideal family, which is so carefully creates his wife in his microblog.

In the press arguing about the mental health of the husband of Kim Kardashian

So, two years ago Kanye was urgently taken to the medical center Ronald Reagan University of California with complaints of an unstable condition, and shortly before that, the musician canceled several concerts. The sources close to the rapper said that he tried to resist admission, so doctors had West chained with handcuffs to a stretcher.