Мужу Ким Кардашьян потребовалась экстренная помощь врачей.
Kanye West escaped from the hospital

Мужу Ким Кардашьян потребовалась экстренная помощь врачей.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashia


41-year-old Kanye West, the husband of Kim Kardashian, was urgently taken
in the hospital West Hills Hospital, located in San Fernando Valley. Took him there, though not “fast”, and Kim is on a personal car.

West, flax a wedding which recently celebrated Kim picked up somewhere the flu virus, which was
so serious, that home remedies to cope with it failed. As reported
the TMZ insider, Kanye was getting worse and worse.
So, despite the protests of her husband, Kim decided to take him to the hospital. There
West brought down the temperature, and he received the necessary appointments. However, to stay
in the hospital, despite the entreaties of doctors, the musician refused. So after
some time, the reality star took him home, where he is now undergoing treatment. Now Kim will have a tough task to do so
not to get sick herself, and, most importantly, not to infect three children — 5-year-old North
2-year-old Senta and six-month baby girl Chicago.

Your virus West “caught”, apparently, at a social gathering,
where he visited two days earlier. We are talking about the wedding of his friend, hip-hop
artist Pusha T.
At the ceremony, Kanye appeared together with his wife. In glittering gold
dress by Balmain Kim was literally
word, dazzling. And Kanye, though looked unusual in a suit and a white
the shirt also look good. Kim could not resist not to make
him a compliment: “Mr. West is very handsome in a suit!” — so Kardashian signed
photos that have been shared with the fans.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashia with children