Husband Kelly Clarkson has agreed to get a vasectomy

Муж Келли Кларксон согласился сделать вазэктомию

When American singer Kelly Clarkson in a recent interview categorically stated that she is not going to have children, no one knew that it was not coquetry tired of the diapers and diapers the mother. It turns out that Kelly forced her husband Brandon Blackstock to get a vasectomy, which guarantees them that they will be no more.

Муж Келли Кларксон согласился сделать вазэктомию
Kelly said that pregnancy was difficult, and the third her body could not stand it, but because she and her husband decided to take such definitive action. My husband had a vasectomy (a vasectomy seminal cords), and the most Kelly had her tubes tied.
Recall that the 34-year-old singer and her husband for two four children – two – year-old river rose and Remington six-month-old Alexander, as well as two older children from his first marriage, Brandon, with whom Kelly found a common language and is also involved in their upbringing.

On the birth of her second child Clarkson decided deliberately, in spite of the difficulties of the first pregnancy.
“I wanted my children to grow up together, they had common interests, and because I so quickly decided on the second pregnancy. But the bearing of the Remington was much harder than I expected, and much harder than carrying river” -said Kelly.
About the future of their children Clarkson not yet conceived, but she did not wish that the daughter went in her footsteps and became a singer.
“I will insist on the profession of a teacher or a doctor, do not want to become a singer. But if that happens, then I will have nothing but to agree. I bring up the daughter in the hothouse environment in which I was brought up. To make it in show business, you have to be thick-skinned, and I have too delicate to stand up to the haters. For example, during pregnancy, one of the subscribers wished my child to hang by the cord. In response, I just laughed, but not all react this way. Someone can be very hurt” said Kelly.