Мужа Карины Мишулиной обвинили в попытке подкупа свидетеля The scandal with the illegitimate son of Spartak Vasilyevich continues. The composer who wrote the music for the play Mishulina, decided to share his memories on a talk show. Only recently Alexei Petrenko realized he, too, has something to say in a dispute between the heirs of the actor.
Мужа Карины Мишулиной обвинили в попытке подкупа свидетеля

In the autumn the conflict between the Carina of Mishulin and Timur Yeremeyev cannot come to its logical conclusion. The actor, who calls himself the illegitimate son of Spartak Vasilyevich, was a DNA test, which confirmed his kinship with the famous artist, but legal family questioned the findings. Now they have become regulars at talk shows where you provide new information, find people who in varying degrees had to do with Michelino, who passed away almost 13 years ago.

Timur and Karina have copies of the plays that you wanted to see on stage Spartak Vasilyevich. As it turned out, he was even looking for a composer to create a musical accompaniment plays. In the early 2000s musician Alexei Petrenko waited for the actor at the service entrance with a bouquet and his works. He gave the record Mikulino and left a business card with contacts. Later, the actor contacted the musician and asked him to create a composition. According to him, the play was dedicated to Yeremeyev, although experts in the Studio “Let them talk” suggested that she may have been addressed to another illegitimate son, Vladimir.

Dmitry Borisov asked whether the family contacted Michelini with Petrenko. Was really between Alex and spouse Karina Ivan had a telephone conversation. The man reported what he was asked the husband of actress.

“Alex, one thing that you will come and report that Spartak Vasilevich has dedicated a song to Karin, not the impostor, for us would be great. And, of course, a fee for this supposed”, – cited the words of Ivan Alex.
Мужа Карины Мишулиной обвинили в попытке подкупа свидетеля

Guests in the Studio were amazed that the family of people’s artist allowed himself to even consider bribery. On the other hand, they admired the courage Petrenko to announce it to the whole country.

The composer admitted that he was not well received in the house Michelini, Spartak Vasilyevich also not shared with him the revelations of a possible extramarital children. However, some insights Petrenko did himself, simply observing the behavior of the actor. The impressions, the musician shared the Studio “Let them talk”.

“I knew that the family that something is wrong. He was very much invigorated, and very much hid, in General, as, in my opinion, was crestfallen. It seems to me that the family was unhappy that he did not fully uses its potential to bring more money into the house,” recalled Smith.
Мужа Карины Мишулиной обвинили в попытке подкупа свидетеля

Guests in the Studio remembered that Karina was trying to prove a fake, the only photos of Timur and Spartak Vasilyevich. In the picture the boy is hugging the actor in the suit Carlson – how usually the artists are fans. The teenager put a hand on his shoulder Michelino, and he keeps his hands folded in front of him and tries not to hug the child. The expert concluded that the picture has not been photoshopped, and even Timur brought the negatives, which were published footage.