Мужа Дженнифер Энистон серьезно покалечили на съемках сериала
Justin Theroux became a permanent visitor of the emergency room.

Мужа Дженнифер Энистон серьезно покалечили на съемках сериала

Justin Theroux

Photo: Splash News/East news

Recently Justin Theroux did
the shocking statement. Working on the set of the series “Left behind”,
the actor managed to get an incredible number of injuries. The actor admitted that
the time of filming he had to urgently send to the hospital countless
a number of times.

Spouse Jennifer aniston, who married her last year, some
way managed to injure at work almost all parts of his body. As told
actor, for the beginning surgeons were forced to put him 10 stitches on the broken lip. A little later
the doctors had to sew up the wounds of Justin — after he cut himself
head. And the number of myocardial fracture is through the roof. First, Theroux
suffered a broken nose. He further damaged his hand — twice. The
amazing that, as told to Justin, both incidents happened during
filming series eight — albeit in two different seasons and with a difference in one year. And about such trifles as
repeatedly broken fingers, Theroux believes, it would be possible even and not to mention…

Unfortunately, 44-year-old actor has not explained how the same
how he managed to get so many injuries. Justin mentioned that in
a couple of cases were to blame for helping him perform stunts stuntmen. They
allegedly simply have not calculated their strength.

Perhaps, of course, all
it was. And perhaps pursued Theroux on the set of some bad luck. But evil tongues say that the actor to be extremely violent and
cocky character. So it is quite possible, errors colleagues Theroux on the set
the site weren’t so random!

Justin Theroux and Jennifer aniston

Photo: Splash News/East news

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