Husband jealous of Natalia Ionova to Alexei Chadova

Муж приревновал Наталью Ионову к Алексею Чадову
The singer complained of relationship problems with her husband.

Natalia Ionova and Alexander Chistyakov


Natalia Ionova first visited the Studio of Fyodor Bondarchuk’s “Cinema in the details”. The singer was in a program about the movie is not accidental. Natalie recently completed filming in the film by Marius Weisberg “Trasnformer” where he played together with Alexander Revva major role. According to the artist, she since the childhood dreamed to become an actress and did in this direction serious steps.

His first experience on the Playground Natalia received on the set of “jumble”, where she came through successfully passed the casting. It was after the country episode involving Ionova she was spotted by Maxim Fadeev. After that, Natalya start off the singing career and she was just too busy to do acting. For many years she toured with performances around the country and for some time have postponed their dreams of becoming an actress in a drawer.

Almost immediately after the wedding in 2006, Natalia was lucky. Marius Weisberg offered her the main role in the film “Love in the city”. However, the singer’s husband forbade her to participate in the project and its place was taken by Vera Brezhneva. “I married Alexander Chistyakov. He read the script and saw what we were with Alexei Chadov kiss, immediately said no!” — said Natalia.

By the way, the singer told us that he chose the profession of the artist is not accidental. It is very important to get attention, which it is, by his own admission, the house is deprived.

“I don’t get enough attention. And the husband does not give me attention. He kind of sees mostly. I need attention, recognition, love. I’ll honestly and openly say: I love the audience! My job is my life. I can’t even call it work…” — said Natalia.