Husband Janet Jackson is trying to sue her son

Муж Джанет Джексон пытается отсудить у нее сына
Started the divorce process with the singer Wissam al Mana.

Janet Jackson


As it became known, yesterday Janet Jackson and her husband for the first time
appeared in a London court, where the case will be heard about their divorce. Though
initially it was reported that they parted as friends, in fact, it seems that all
is not as peaceful as expected.

In April of this year, just
three months after the birth of her first child — son Assy 50-year-old
Janet announced that she made the difficult decision to part with
my husband number three, with whom she lived for five years, Wissam al
Mana. However, she assured fans that it is just temporary
the solution to divorce it is not. Apparently, she was hoping
problems in her relationship with Wissam still somehow settled. Alas, this
nothing happened, and recently the singer announced his intention to formally
to dissolve the marriage.

Now she will have to solve a difficult problem: the fact that, according to
informant, Wissam firmly determined to sue her Ass. Case
that al Mana is very tied to the son. During this time, reporters do not have time
photographed it with a child, and al Mana looked at these minutes
absolutely peaceful and gently pressed a baby. Like any
the Eastern father, he is especially proud of the fact that he was born a boy,
heir. Besides, Wissam, the owner of a huge state in a billion
dollars, has considerable influence and can use it against
wife. In addition, he previously hinted that he should instruct
custody of Assay as Janet, a busy
his career and the tour will not be able to devote to the child enough
time. So in the near future, Jackson is fierce
battle for son…