Husband Janet Jackson has accused her of cheating

Муж Джанет Джексон обвинил ее в измене
The singer was accused of affair with ex-lover.

Муж Джанет Джексон обвинил ее в измене

Janet Jackson and Germain Dupree


Janet Jackson and Wissam al Mana


Janet Jackson was in a very unpleasant situation. The fact that
the paparazzi managed to track down singer, who’s currently divorcing
her husband Wissam al Mana, on
a romantic date with her ex — boyfriend- producer Jermain Dupree. In
this would not be anything terrible, if before Martin is not accused Janet
of infidelity. Moreover, as the lover of the wife of al Mana called then
Germain. And discovered now flirting with Jackson Dupree became an indirect confirmation
his former charges.

It all started with the fact that in the course of divorce proceedings, Janet accused
Wissam that he was hard on herself and even allowed himself to raise
her hand. And he, in answer, said that he considers himself a victim! Al Mana
claims that Jackson ridiculed and insulted him, reproaching because they
been married five years, she until last year could not get pregnant. But
most importantly, is accused Wissam wife is that she allegedly was him
wrong. “She spent hours, locked in the room, talking with her ex — Dupree!” said al Mana. And he added: it is almost certain that they are not
was limited to phone contacts, and even secretly met.

By the way, now appeared in the press the news about the affair with Jackson Dupree,
it may severely damage. Because right now, in the midst of a battle for
custody of the couples son — Assay, which
the singer gave birth in January this year. Before that it seemed that Janet, as a victim,
has all chances to obtain sole custody of the child. And now, after
the publication of her novel Dupree, the judge may make adverse