Husband ISA Anokhina has replaced her second mom

Муж Айзы Анохиной заменил ей вторую маму
The businesswoman admitted that she feels lonely.

Svetlana Anokhina

ISA Anokhina cold: Internet star, for a long time lived in Bali,
gradually gets used to the Moscow climate and respiratory viruses attacking
residents of the capital in cloudy wet weather. Fortunately, the blogger found someone
take care — did beloved husband Dmitry.

“When you become an adult, you feel
himself more alone than in childhood — shares ISA. — When you’re with mom and dad under their wing, neither of
what loneliness is and can be no question. Parents fill your life with good and
care. But then you times! And is very big. Mom may not always be there
after all, everyone has their own life. Yesterday I got sick, very badly. And I instantly became
little. I needed care… And it gave me my husband. Always when I
sick, he takes care of me, becoming my second mother. When I’m scared or
once again, I somewhere got into, he becomes a dad, protecting me. So it’s important to have
a man who is able to replace your parent awe. And it should be
soulmate, with whom you walk through life. No one ever about me so don’t
cared like he did. No one ever so tenderly did not relate to my desire!
When you grow up, you don’t so cool to care, especially about me. So
I’m too harmful and independent. And grandmothers love grandchildren more than
of their children, but even adult children often do not have enough maternal care.
But yesterday, when dying (and I really had one foot in the other world), the
right hands were the hands of my son. And I’m the happiest person. Because
I was lucky to meet such a man, when I was already over 30.”