Husband Glyuk’ozy a cult hit

Муж Глюк'оZы попал в секту
The singer is limiting in the diet.

Natalia Ionova with her daughters: Faith and Lydia

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

Natalia Ionova strictly watching what goes in her stomach. Not so long ago the singer completely refused meat and food containing gluten and lactose. The artist abides by all the principles of healthy eating. Their daughters she also teaches to eat in accordance with these rules.

But Natalia’s husband ,businessman Alexander Chistyakov went even further and completely refused not only from meat but from fish. “My grandmother says that her husband was in a cult!” — admitted Natalia in the program “Relish”. According to the artist, Alexander is seriously interested in yoga, what are the causes of her grandmother’s distrust. The singer does not agree with the decision of the husband not to eat even fish and sometimes tries to force-feed Mr right seafood.

The most difficult the house has daughters of the singer. The fact that girls are constantly faced with temptations in the form of harmful chocolate bars and chips at school and kindergarten. But Natalia tries to explain Faith and Lydia that their health is necessary to watch from an early age, and shows by example: a proper diet and exercise help to maintain vigor and youthfulness.