Мужу Глюк’оZы приписывают отцовство ребенка Ксении Собчак
The TV presenter was in the center of a huge scandal.

Ksenia Sobchak Glitch”оZой

Photo: Instagram.com

Not a day goes by that around pregnancy Xenia
Sobchak has not appeared of another scandal. For the second time last time online
there is information that the presenter cheated on her husband Maxim
Vitorgan. But if the first time it’s been suggested Gypsy fortune teller, this time it was stated by the blogger Lena Miro. She told its subscribers that its
opinion, the father of the unborn child Sobchak is the husband of Natalia Ionova — Alexander

To say this post shocked fans of Xenia —
not to say anything. That the presenter is in close contact with the family Gluk’oza has long been known. Two star couples
can often noticed at the joint gatherings in elite restaurants. However
that Xenia can associate with the husband of a friend more intimate relationship was never expected. But Miro says that some time ago
TV presenter allegedly sent their candid shots Chistyakov. Moreover, the unborn child Sobchak, she ascribes to him.

The presenter is not left out, as usual in a very rigid form denied
the hearing, calling the statement miró “a symptom of human foolishness. A little
she later published the correspondence by Chistyakov in which the friends laughed at the sensational news of Lena.

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