Husband Dayneko staged a house party after breaking up with her

Муж Дайнеко устроил домашнюю вечеринку после разрыва с ней Dmitry Kleiman organized a noisy concert. Under the drum beats the boys danced and had fun. According to the musician, all those present were pleased with the event. Judging by the commercials on the microblogging a young man, friends appreciated their instrumental experiments.

      Муж Дайнеко устроил домашнюю вечеринку после разрыва с ней

      After the news about the temporary separation of the Victoria Dayneko and Dmitry Kleiman fans follow every step pair. Apparently, the young man worries about what his wife wanted to live separately. At the moment the musician gives concerts together with its partners in the collective Drummafia. Before they made a hot homemade party. Judging by the room in which the event took place, it was a small bar in the center of Moscow.

      “Oh, yesterday’s home Orgy, took place on 5 points! Home parties is the fire. And my DJ Pasha Panda broke away from the soul”, signed videos Dimitri.

      Listeners drum rhythms no secret of positive emotions from the concert. Near the stage jumped incendiary fans of the creative team. Many of the guests was filming the fun on video to share with friends. Apparently, the company was very fun. By the way, March 8, Kleiman and his friends had arranged a big concert in honor of the women in one of the Moscow bars. Probably Dmitry misses his wife and tries to devote himself to the work.

      “We are not divorced like, but it happens all. I don’t know what it is. Let as Vic thinks and says. She will tell you the truth. Not going to fix anything. Hope she’s got something to do”, – commented on the situation in the family Kleiman, dealing with “StarHit”.

      Likely to not think about the problems in the relationship with her husband, Victoria has also immersed himself in work. According to the artist, she is preparing to surprise the audience. “How to wait for the end of the month before the album cool guy I have a duet I do not understand. I can’t wait, super season comes new songs,” wrote Daineko in the social network.

      In addition, the artist startles the subscribers provocative images. A young woman lays Topless pictures that amaze her followers. Some fans noted that Victoria looks great, and others felt she shouldn’t show such candid shots of the public. Probably why she deleted the post then. Victoria Dayneko publicly stripped after the separation from her husband