«Муж изменил один раз»: Юлия Ковальчук рассказала о неверности любимого
The singer turned for advice to the fans.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: @juliakovalchuk (Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk)

Julia Kovalchuk surprised fans with an unexpected statement. On his page in social networks, she wrote: “Husband cheated. Said once… That I do not know to believe or not….” Along with this she published a photo, which depicted with the “admonition of the horns.” For spiteful critics who were just waiting for this “news” now is the hour. In the comments to the photo, a discussion: how, with whom and when Alexei Chumakov could change your wife?

Kovalchuk, as it turned out, counting on the fact that fans have a good sense of humor and “emoticons” at the end of this publication will know that she was joking. To pacify the haters, Julia is later added to the photo a few hashtag with the text: “Guys, it’s humor. Not serious!” But the process of discussing infidelity Chumakov was already running and to stop it now is quite difficult.

“I think I didn’t need to write, even in jest”, “I do Not believe that once”, “Even if not yet changed, all ahead. Especially, if to translate such thoughts into space,” “And in every joke, as you know…” — said Yulia fans in social networks.

Some time ago Julia, by the way, described in an interview with the mistress Chumakov. Julia said that among fans of a spouse are very beautiful girls, but they will likely not might find interesting. “I know very well Alex. I know it must be just incredibly interesting in every sense of the woman that Alex wanted to destroy what took so long to build — shared Julia. I hope that this woman doesn’t. But life is unpredictable… I can only do everything so he doesn’t have any desire to even look at a woman like that!”