Husband Bledans about divorce: “there always stood another man”

Муж Бледанс о разводе: «Между нами всегда стоял другой человек» The famous actress was the guest of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. She told, why didn’t parting with her husband for a year. Also the star told about the measures taken for the preservation of the family.
Муж Бледанс о разводе: «Между нами всегда стоял другой человек»

The news about the separation of Evelina Bledans and Alexander Syomin has been an absolute surprise for most fans of the star couple. The fact that the actress divorced her husband a year ago, but carefully concealed problems in family life, creating the illusion of using the happy pictures.

Evelina has become the main character of the next edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Barely holding back tears, the actress spoke about why broke up with her lover.

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“Sasha, it was difficult to deal with the publicity. To him constantly approached on the street said hi to me, Simon. We will not quarrel, came to blows. We have a good relationship. We just made the decision, but in spite of it, dad often to see my son,” shared the star.

She did not deny that a rift for a long time. “I still know what I’d like to return it, although I understand that we did everything right,” shared Evelyn. Bledans was hard to admit it to fans, and even relatives of the actress for many months did not know about the problems in her family. To support the star came her many friends. Singer Danko, and Jeanne Epple, Natalia gulkin and many others have come to the conclusion that such a beautiful woman definitely will not be alone.

Evelyn admitted that despite the divorce, she managed to keep a good relationship with Alexander.

Муж Бледанс о разводе: «Между нами всегда стоял другой человек»“My husband left me the house, he was offered a very good alimony. I know now that if suddenly will not work, Semochko will to live,” – said Bledans.

In the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” was first performed and the opinion of Alexander Semin for the divorce. Man says ex-wife the perfect mother, but stresses that they both need to move on with my life.

“It’s hard for me to talk about us in past tense. The child we have is special, and marriage was special, syndrome. We always stood another man, and his name is “viewer”. The greatest pleasure, utmost delight Evelina received still work,” said the Director.

Andrey Malakhov remembered the story of the sisters of the presenter, who is now behind bars. Woman accused Evelyn that she is not helping. The presenter suggested that sometimes bad things can revert to the person under the law of a boomerang. Bledans refused to comment on the situation. “Unfortunately, something happened that I can’t understand and accept. I mistakenly brought this man. I can’t keep such a person in your inner circle. Drugs kill people, and I don’t want it to be something to do with my family,” said the celebrity.

Evelyn also said that to the last fought for the preservation of the relationship. The actress even dared to plastic surgery, to again draw the attention of her husband. However, in recognition Bledans, these measures proved useless.

Муж Бледанс о разводе: «Между нами всегда стоял другой человек»

The fans support the star at this difficult period. “You are an incredibly strong woman! Still sure to be good, Seen as Evelyn hurt, but she’s holding on. Well done, you give us all a good example,” “Divorce is very hard, but the important thing is that you have a son,” wrote fans Bledans in her Instagram.

In the final broadcast, the actress said that still hopes to find true love.

“Men are interested. I do not deny that open for a relationship. Not to say that looking for a man, but I would like to meet someone. Sasha, however, set the bar really high. I’m always been a girl who obeyed him in everything. He was so creative and so sincerely loved me…” – said the star.

In the final show of Andrei Malakhov suggested that the heart of Alexander Semin are employed. “I think he’s got a new woman, but he fears it to you to imagine,” – says the presenter. He also wished Evelina Bledans to meet another man, and Natalia gulkin gave a friend a portrait, lined with rhinestones.