Муж запретил Меган Маркл подражать принцессе Диане Meghan Markle had to abandon the chosen outfit for the Australian tour. The fact is that a tuxedo from a known brand was too similar to the suit that once loved lady Diana. Now clothes for the spouse chooses Prince Harry.
Муж запретил Меган Маркл подражать принцессе Диане

Freedom-loving Meghan Markle obviously did not expect that a wedding with Prince Harry turn to her such problems. First, the family of the girl put her stick in the wheel, and now the former actress has to put up with many restrictions. Not only that, for the sake of her husband, she abandoned a career in Hollywood, so now the outfits chosen for secular outputs, Duchess of Sussex has to coordinate with members of the Royal family.

Recently, Prince Harry has forbidden his wife to buy a suit from a famous English brand due to the fact that he too was like that outfit once worn by his mother Diana Spencer. Fans of the Royal family and did believe that Megan is trying by all means to imitate the tragically deceased Princess to win the sympathy of the British. However, while her efforts be in vain, because many Brits are still skeptical about the chosen one Harry.

By the way, this is not the first case when Markle caught while trying to imitate the mothers of the elect. So, at the recent wedding of Celia rose Mccorquodale former actress appeared in a dress remarkably similar to that in which many decades ago were shining lady Di.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stole the show at an aristocratic wedding

According to the insider, the Royal family, in principle, are unhappy with the style of dress that Megan holds now.

“Megan please stop dressing like a Hollywood star, and start to wear things in the style of the Royal family, more archaic and traditional,” says the insider.
Муж запретил Меган Маркл подражать принцессе Диане

According to rumors, the Elizabeth II is not like that Megan has a strong love for the pants, but in dresses appears not so often.

By the way, the British learned that in the last couple of months Markle managed to spend over 200 thousand dollars for shopping. The former actress has always been a big fan of luxury brands of clothing, and now has no intention of abandoning its weakness. But the problem is that after the wedding the Duchess of Sussex is not officially open and, therefore, its purchases are paid from the budget of the country.

Муж запретил Меган Маркл подражать принцессе Диане

Earlier, the father of Meghan Markle claimed that his daughter is willing to sacrifice a lot in order to become his Royal family. According to reports by Daily Mail, now the Duchess of Sussex will have to forget about progressivism in choosing clothes, because the members of the Royal family are required to comply with the Protocol, preferring understated and subdued outfits mainly from the British brands.