Husband Anfisa Chekhova revealed his secret method of weight loss

Муж Анфисы Чеховой раскрыл свой секретный способ похудения

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov decided to radically transformed from beauties to turn into a slim beauty. In this difficult matter supported her beloved Guram Bablishvili. It is worth saying that the actor lost weight not for but for the role offered to him.

Before Baliashvili the goal was to lose 5 pounds. But he did not notice how lost ten. And all thanks to the unique product, which has become the diet of men. We are talking about spelt.

“I’m losing weight for the role, — said Guram. — Act in the role of the military. Therefore, the producers asked me to throw at least five pounds. I refused to have flour and sweet, became more involved in fitness. And now discovered a wonderful product for a healthy diet — spelled. It is an ancient wild species of wheat. Spelt contains “slow” carbohydrates, which inhibit the feeling of hunger — after a porridge made from spelt for a long time not hungry. Thus, this herb promotes weight loss. In the end, instead of five pounds, as planned, I lost twice! And didn’t even notice until I stepped on the scale”.

And you have already started the preparations for the summer season? Include in your diet spelt and the results will not keep itself waiting long.