Husband Anfisa Chekhova fun alone

Муж Анфисы Чеховой развлекается в одиночестве
It seems that the couple really on the verge of divorce.

Photo: Instagram

More and more evidence find fans Anfisa Chekhova and Guram Bablishvili that the couple broke up.

First, they no longer publish a joint photo, only with family celebrations, such as birthday their son Solomon. Second, this summer they spent apart. Guram was first on the set and then went home to Georgia and At first rested on the sea with the child, and the rest of the summer spent in Moscow. Third, Guram fun in the company of friends and even mysterious beauties one, and Anfisa in yoga and continues on his way to ideal forms.

Another strange situation occurred last weekend. Guram went completely alone for a few days in Morocco in the famous Casablanca. He is not photographed, only shoots video and shows to subscribers, what a beauty of its surrounds. And all its publications, he signed “alone”, which translated to English means “lonely”.

At the same time abolished all the working projects and spending time in Moscow. The fact that the presenter due to filming in an open dress on the street lost his voice, so she developed a forced break in the work. It would seem that what is easier to get on the plane and flew to my loving husband. But no!

Apparently, the couple don’t even talk to each other, because live with their son Solikom, which published Chekhov’s personal blog, she signed that this video has been posted Guram. Not sent to me personally, showed her on Skype, and posted on his page. Anfisa from there and took it.

Anfisa and Guram remains silent about the situation that is so worried about their fans. So all I hope what happened between them is insignificant quarrel, and soon they will again talk about your perfect marriage.