Husband Andrew Giulana congratulations on the divorce

Супругу Андрея Гайдуляна поздравляют с разводом Diana ochilova hinted at the dissolution of marriage with the star of the series “Univer”. Fiancee Andrew Giulana has made controversial post in one of the social networks. Earlier the girl hinted at the betrayal of a loved one.
Супругу Андрея Гайдуляна поздравляют с разводом

Some time ago it became known that actor Andrew Hagolan decided to dissolve the marriage with Diana Ochilboy. Between spouses there were contradictions, they are unable to resolve. Information on divorce “StarHit” confirmed surrounded by couples.

On Tuesday, Diana posted a mysterious publication in Instagram. Ex-lover Andrew Giulana published a photograph in which she is depicted in her wedding dress and has left her telling signature.

“Everything,” wrote ochilova.

Users of social networks began to congratulate Diana with a divorce and a new stage in life. “Everything will be better”, “Very much want to support. You are a talented and interesting girl”, “You are strong”, “the End is only the beginning”, “With you, a lot of people, you just Need to wait, and then things will get better”, “You’re not alone”, “Only forward”, – commented on the followers girl.

Супругу Андрея Гайдуляна поздравляют с разводом

Previously Diana has posted a post in a microblog in which he hinted the incorrect behavior choice. Subscribers girls assumed she had caught her husband of infidelity. She ochilova did not clearly speak about it. “You’ve become such a new, alien. Honey, you are not to face betrayal. Honey, please leave,” said Diana.

Ochilova called his post “creative release” and asked followers about if they have ever deal with something like that. “I share with you my mental explosion. Difficult… I Think after seeing this video, I will be understood only by those who are going through similar, but also those who are blessed destiny. Maybe someone knows how to soothe the pain?” – wrote ex-girlfriend of a famous actor.

Wife of Andrew Giulana has hinted at a change of actor

Fans of Andrew Giulana and Diana Ochilboy long suspected that those experiencing a crisis in relations. Young people have stopped posting photos on social networks, thus triggering rumors about the altercation. As it turned out, she was so serious that Hagolan and ochilova thinking about divorce.

“They’re really going to get divorced, commented “StarHit” sources close to Andrew and Diana. – These relations have always been complicated. Lived on a volcano – argued and reconciled, and so on. They even took a break to save his family. But nothing came of it: the guys drifted apart and each went his own way. Andrei continuous shooting, Diana educated and engaged”.