Husband Alsou wants to become a doughnut

Муж Алсу мечтает, чтобы она стала пышечкой The singer showed archival photos, which depicted a girl with forms. Alsu says that in this picture she love her husband who asks her to get better.

      Муж Алсу мечтает, чтобы она стала пышечкой

      Well-known singer Alsu and the mother of two charming girls, of course, one of the most beautiful singers of the Russian show business. 32-year-old singer always looks amazing, and for many years has maintained a good shape. Slim Stan singer is the subject of white envy of many of her admirers.

      Looking for Alsou with fragile physique, it is hard to believe that she was the girl significant advantages and winner of delicious forms. It turns out that Alsu childhood differed good appetite and was lush child. In proof of this fact, the singer has published on his page in Instagram photo, where she was not more than thirteen years. “This photo twenty years. Dad always says that I had a very good appetite, and when I finished eating my dish and began to eat nearby, with humor Alsu. – P. S by the Way, my husband I love in this picture. All the time asking to received such forms. Go figure these men”.

      Fans of the singer obviously decided that this post she asked them for advice, is it worth it to get better or stay in the current weight, and began to excitedly Express their opinion on this matter. “Great shape! Especially given the obsession with anorexic adolescents on the forms. Healthy, happy teenager! And husband”, “Alsu, we need to listen to what your husband says,” the word of fans of the singer agreed that she really needs to gain weight.

      However, the star, apparently, and wishes to do. A couple of weeks ago in her microblog began to receive pictures in free outfits that Alsu, prefer dresses to emphasize her slim figure, very rare. Fans suspected the beauty in a new pregnancy. Neither the singer nor her entourage while these assumptions are not commented on. Meanwhile, after appearing in media publications about a possible interesting situation, Alsu continues to post pictures of free in dresses, which probably is intended to conceal emerging from singer roundness. However, not everyone shares the assumption that in a family of beauties Alsou soon expected completion. Some believe that the singer just feels more comfortable in airy dresses and tends to wear form-fitting dresses.

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