“Hurt and humiliated”: Anna Sedokova told about a failed novel

«Делал больно и унижал»: Анна Седокова рассказала о неудачном романе
The singer told why endured painful relationships.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @annasedokova (Instagram Anna Sedokova)

The text of each song Anna Sedokova wrote their own, based on their own life experience. Behind Anna’s two divorces and many failed novels. Some men have changed the singer, others were offended… Recording their latest album, “the wild”, Anna gave vent to his feelings and told about what is in her mind. Annotation to the collection of songs was Sedokova story about the painful relationship with a powerful man.

“I was in a relationship from which I couldn’t get out, of networks. He hurt me, and then asked for forgiveness. He hurt me, humiliated, but then humbled himself and asked for it back. I understood everything, but didn’t know why I’m not . Justify every step of his insolvency or his complicated life. He held me tight. He had strong hands and a strong male character. I remember realized that I need to run. Save oneself. It’s now or never. I took the passport, put on the first shoes and a sweatshirt. I saw the guards gaining it and says I’m leaving. I know I have ten minutes, ten minutes, in which he will deploy his machine in the direction of our house and wouldn’t let go. Now or I never will. I ran leaving everything, my whole life, clothes, cosmetics, books… I left to survive”, — said Anna in a Network.

Now fans speculated about who was this aggressive suitor. Maybe so disrespectful to Anna behaved the father of her third child, Hector? It is curious that, despite the active use of social networks such explicit recognition, the fans do not know much about the real personal life of Anna. Perhaps in the future Sedokova dare to tell the truth about the reasons for the breakup with the father of the son.