Спешите стать частью проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» Fill out the form on the website and change your life. Team “StarHit” headed by Andrey Malakhov will take away those who are determined to fight obesity and expects to win.

    Спешите стать частью проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом»

    This part of the “lose Weight with StarHit “ anniversary, so special. We have prepared for you, dear readers, a brand new format! Note: the number of participants doubled for the first time in the history of the project to compete will be two teams, their captains champion fitness bikini, guru of healthy lifestyle and simple beauty. Girls don’t know what the work on oneself: one dropped 30 pounds, the other 12. Want to get into the team and get in shape in the company of stars and under the care of the best nutritionists, trainers and SPA experts?

    All participants were satisfied with the results. Fill out the form here before September 26. Be sure to check all of the boxes. The editors of the “StarHit” headed by Andrey Malakhov will choose the participants of the new season of project and publish their stories on 3 October.

    As it was

    In the third part of the project “lose Weight with StarHit”, which took place in the spring of 2013, the participants dropped 52 kg for four! Under the supervision of a nutritionist Queen Margaret transformed the actress Svetlana Permyakova, TV presenters Ekaterina Strizhenova and Alla Dovlatov, as well as the reader “StarHit” from St.-Petersburg Natalia Molochkova.

    First place went to Svetlana Permyakova, it is three months from the plump nurse of the series “Interns” has become a slim beauty. Svetlana, who dropped 18 kg, even no longer recognize familiar. To achieve this result, the actress had to refuse the rolls and start to eat right. Alla Dovlatov, grown thin for 5 kg, has learned an important thing – to become more slender, it is not necessary to deny yourself all over, otherwise failure is inevitable.

    “It is impossible to drive the body in such a rigid framework: no salt or any chocolate, − said Alla. – We’re not in jail.” Ekaterina Strizhenova, which broke up with 12 kg, admitted with difficulty accustomed themselves to reusable food intake.

    “When I first brought the Royal diet from Queen Margaret I in 5 minutes and emptied the whole box! – said Catherine. – And that’s 1,200 calories!.. But I wanted to try every dish. Margaret laughed, “You’ll be the first person to get fat on my diet”.

    Reader “StarHit” Natalia Molochkova, get rid of 17 kg, was very happy that the project was able to return to sports in my life and lost interest in chocolate, without whom I’d never imagined the morning of a new day.

    Become a part of a large project. Send your application by filling in the form on the website and change your life.

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