“Hurry up, baby”

«Держи удар, детка»
In October premiere of the film “take the shot, baby.” Performer two main roles, the actress Ekaterina Vladimirova, gave 7days.ru exclusive interview.

«Держи удар, детка»

The picture of “hurry up, baby,” which we will see in October, is the story of two twin sisters, who by circumstances had to switch places. Similar only in appearance and completely different in character and aspirations – these are the main characters. However, playing both an actress, Yekaterina Vladimirova. And her personal story itself draws on a feature-length adventure film.

A hick from the distant Tomsk, Catherine came to the capital with five thousand rubles in his pocket and a great desire to succeed. What came of it – see in October in all theaters of the country and read online 7days.ru right now.

«Держи удар, детка»

— Katya, you’re one of those girls who dream to finish school and go to conquer Moscow?

— I won’t lie, the idea that in Tomsk I cramped, is always present. But I honestly tried to be “normal”: he entered the school, found part-time work – worked as an realtor assistant and Toastmasters. The first brought more money, but lay the soul to creativity. Yes, don’t laugh, the host is not a easy job, it requires the ability to improvise, to communicate with people, to be able to capture their attention. In General, I studied, worked – just like everyone else. And in nineteen years decided: either now or never. I bought a plane ticket and flew to Moscow.

— Just like that?

«Держи удар, детка»

— It was not easy. In Moscow, I have had no one – neither friends nor even acquaintances not to mention relations. The first night we spent at Paveletsky station, simply had no place to sleep. Called Tomsk friends, asked to help. And there were kind people who took me in for a month while I looked for work. In the best Hollywood tradition, I was ready to do anything, even the dishes in the restaurant to wash. Slept on the mattress.

— And then there was something crucial?

«Держи удар, детка»

Well, I found a job. First the Secretary, then grew to assistant Manager. But making ends meet was very difficult. I rented a room in half with a friend, I had to sleep in the same bed, eat at random. And look had good, dress code: suit, studs. And so I got up at seven in the morning and hobbled to the subway in these heels. Since about I can’t stand such shoes. And then nothing was running. So, no, I did not Wake up famous, and no special miracles is happening to me for quite a while. It was the ordinary life of the provincial woman in Moscow: hard, heavy, lonely.

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