Hurricane in Moscow claimed the lives of more than 10 people

Ураган в Москве унес жизни более 10 человек On the capital hit by the disaster. Eyewitnesses claim that in a matter of minutes above the city formed a giant cloud, then came a strong wind. According to the latest data, 12 people were killed due to natural disasters
Ураган в Москве унес жизни более 10 человек

Residents of Moscow have suffered from natural disasters, suddenly collapsed on the city. According to news agencies, at the moment there are 69 victims and 12 victims. In addition, the hurricane damaged the property of the inhabitants, the facades of the buildings and some town buildings. Now in the capital actively working medical facilities and rescue services.

“Damaged by a hurricane, twisting roots of the trees. Know your neighborhood!”, “Guys, hold on! This is horrible!”, “Quickly everyone back home! On the street is going on!” – shared social media users.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin immediately after the incident made an official statement on Twitter. He expressed condolences to the families of the victims of the disaster. According to the official, now in Moscow held all the necessary measures to eliminate consequences of failure. He also stressed that the authorities are doing everything possible for that.

Now, Internet users are actively publishing photos and video depicting the disaster. On the records, you notice that it all started with the looming over the city of black storm clouds. And after a few seconds hurricane. In addition, visible and natural calamities: fallen trees, overturned cars and bus stops scattered throughout the debris.

By the way, the disaster has affected some of the stars of domestic show-business. One of the first in the microblogging published a recording artist Anastasia. Close to home women on the road fell a few trees, blocking her exit. Ballerina lamented the fact that now might not catch the tour in other city. “What horror had created a hurricane! How to go?” – signed post blonde.

Also from the disaster suffered by the ex-participant of “House-2” Olga Gazhienko. Her younger brother had to flee from the scourge of the flight. According to her, the first went the rain, and then it became clear that the situation is much worse.

“The neighbours from the roof something fell off, all the trees pinned to the ground, thunder boomed, lightning, downpour. But the worst was when a trampoline was lifted like a feather and turned. We were with Margo and the kids, they are very scared, began to cry. While running, we flew to some branch. The house cut down the light and just recently gave it to him. With the element of bad jokes,” wrote the star on Instagram.

Do not stay aside and the soloist of group “Beasts” Roman Bilyk. He posted the picture, which is seen falling on a Parking lot tree. The post the man expressed the hope that no one was hurt in the disaster. Probably at the time of publication, the artist was not yet aware of the official data about victims.

Dmitry Koldun shared the video, filmed from inside the car. It depicts the peak of the hurricane. “Moscow. Savinskaya embankment. Right now,” simply signed by the artist. Followers of men rather wished him to get home or find a safe place in the city.

After a colleague record in the microblog did Dmitry Bilan. He published one of the most impressive videos. The singer filmed the bare broken wires along the roadway and fallen trees. The star was shocked by what he saw and not holding back emotions, sharing these with followers.