Херд закатила истерику в суде по делу о разводе

The girl refused to testify against Depp.

The loud divorce of this year is gaining momentum. To end on good terms from amber heard and johnny Depp did not work, the case went to trial. Actress wife accuses regular beatings, and this is a serious article. In addition, Hurd asserts that it is incredible pressure from representatives of the Depp, who are trying not to make this story public. Recently held a hearing on the case of actors. However, for some reason, amber refused to testify against her husband and cried.

The actress came to court late by two hours. Bypassing reporters and curious onlookers who were on duty at the building early in the morning, the girl proceeded into a separate room. At this time, her lawyers have been negotiating with the lawyers of johnny in the next room.

The details of the conversation are unknown. The only Depp’s attorneys claim that several times asked amber to confirm his testimony on domestic violence under oath, but she refused, staged a tantrum. At the request of lawyers to provide medical documentation confirming the fact of violence, the actress also refused. Although members of the herd to assure that she was ready to process and a few hours spent in call waiting, but nobody came.

To know who is in this situation not telling the truth, is still difficult. What is clear is that after a month there will be another meeting, and the lawyers Depp promise to bring him 20 witnesses that debunked the stories of ember about the regular beatings. Among them are police officers, ambulance workers and Concierge of the house of actors. Perhaps their testimony will help the court to reach a decision on the case.

Recall that Hurd wants to recover from a negligent wife half his money, as well as to ensure that Depp was forbidden to approach closer than a hundred meters.

And while they’re at it, amber found herself a new lover. He was a billionaire Tesla owner Elon Max.

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