Сезон охоты: что покупать в "черную пятницу"

Every year in late November begins a real hunt for discounts — brands significantly reduce prices in the framework of the action “black Friday”. Among the most popular products not only smartphones, home appliances, clothes, but also beauty means. Tell how to pass this quest smart to only hunt for the truly unique offerings that are only once a year.


For real butyricum and only in the period from 23 to 30 November, the Foreo brand will offer discounts of up to 30 percent on their bestsellers on the official website. Luna 2 is a sonic T-Sonic brush for skin cleansing and anti-aging massage. The gadget promises to remove dead skin cells and makeup residue, 99.5% of dirt and sebum and thereby improve the absorption of care products.

Baby Luna mini 2, as well as “smart” face mask UFO and mini UFO (the ones that resemble UFOs) you can grab a discount of 25 percent.

Сезон охоты: что покупать в "черную пятницу"

But that’s not all. Under sketchpad got sonic toothbrushes Issa 2 and her younger sister Issa mini 2. They can be ordered with up to 30 percent.
By the way, the Issa design 2 even inspired Directors of the cult of the epic “Star trek” (Star Treck), where she appeared in one episode. Toothbrushes are not only stylish but also extremely durable — they can be taken even in a short space expedition. So, one charge of Issa 2 will last for 365 days, and Issa mini 2 — 265.

Сезон охоты: что покупать в "черную пятницу"


French brand Lancome decided to remind you that black Friday is the perfect time to purchase gifts for the upcoming holidays. On the website of the brand it will be held from 23 to 25 November. Moreover, buy discounted 37 percent offered no specific tools, just about anything! Well, almost everything (excluding fragrances Les Parfums Grands Crus, care Absolue and Absolue L’extrait, as well as all the sets).

Mom can buy your favorite perfume composition Julia Roberts La Vie Est Belle, the younger sister of night mask against the signs of fatigue Energie De Vie (before the winter session useful), the Pope’s toilet water with notes of mint and bergamot Hypnose Homme, and a pink lipstick with a creamy texture L’absolu Rouge Cream.

On the official websites of the brands Matrix, Redken and Biolage from 22 to 25 November will apply a discount of 30 percent on all but the Christmas sets. This is a great opportunity to try a natural range for the scalp to R. A. W. from Biolage Scalp Care. Blondes are sure to enjoy the new Color Extend Blondage with UV pigment and triple complex acids and proteins for toning and strengthening shades of blonde from Redken. And those who this year was bad (with my hair), will find salvation in the line for extreme restoration of hair Re TR-Bond from the Matrix.

In all stores of the Italian cosmetic brand Kiko Milano will host a special event Black Friday 3+3. When you buy any six products — three of them as a gift. Shopping can already start: discounts will be valid until 26 November on the website and 16 stores in Moscow, Rostov-on-don and Krasnodar. A great opportunity to collect the full height of the mascara, powder, lipstick, products for eyebrows, blush and highlighter without any extra expenses.

Сезон охоты: что покупать в "черную пятницу"


In Sephora generously share discounts decided on perfumes. So, the men’s new Bvlgari Man Wood Essence you can grab in just 3 696 RUB, everyone’s favorite “the Empress” by Dolce&Gabbana 2 940 rubles., and the little black dress, La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Hippie-Chic by Guerlain 4 260 RUB.

NYX professional Makeup

NYX professional Makeup has arranged “black Friday”. Need to leave your e-mail to receive a personal offer, namely a discount of 30 percent on everything. The action will take place from 22 to 25 November. We’ve already picked out a set of brushes In Your Water Element Face Brush Set 12 colored glitter for face and body Metallic Glitter (party not far off) and a set of 36 lipsticks and Lippie pencils Sugar Trip Vault.

“Ile de Beaute”

In spite of the superstitions, the action “black Friday” in the “Ile de Beauté” — a good sign. Plunge into a whirlpool of Grand special offers can be from 16 to 25 November. Here, you and the coveted “chocolate” eye shadow palette from Too Faced for 1 775 rubles. (instead of 3 550 RUB.), and so the much-vaunted bloggers remedies for eyebrows by Benefit and mascara hypnotic gaze Hypnose Doll Eyes by Lancome 1 590 rubles (instead of 2 650 RUB.), and cool blush Sephora for 345 RUB.

Сезон охоты: что покупать в "черную пятницу"

Yves Saint Laurent

Recently, the brand Yves Saint Laurent has introduced a limited edition series of caps for the iconic lipstick Rouge Pur Couture. In 1978, Yves Saint Laurent released the first lipstick in shades of “Haute couture” in the original gold case. This month you can choose your limited edition packaging design for any of the 36 represented in Russia by shades of lipsticks, and from 19 to 26 November you can buy new at a discount of 35 percent.

However, the special offer is valid for the assortment of YSL Beauty promo code YYSLFRIDAY. And pleasant — all of your chosen beauty-goods delivered free anywhere in Russia.

Clinic innovative cosmetic dentistry and Confident

Clinic innovative cosmetic dentistry and Confident invites you to relax from the shopping marathon and spend the most beautiful and useful black Friday together. From 20 to 24 November for visitors to the clinic will apply a discount of 20 percent. You can pass skin diagnosis apparatus Are. It will help to identify pigmentation, dehydration, hyperkeratosis, the clogging of the pores, for example, a dermatologist will select the efficient and professional home care (the cost of the procedure — 1 200 RUB.).

To make a “Hollywood treatment” HydraFacial device can also be discounted. First do a light exfoliation and diamond disposable tips, then saturate the skin with serums with natural growth factors, peptides, amino acids and antioxidants.

To get rid of all the excess in “black Friday” by peeling from Confident. Choice of: glycolic, salicylic or almond milk, retinol, TCA easy peel and PRX-T33 peels (discounted price: 1 600 RUB.)

The icing on the cake of your transformation will be the care of the teeth: to put a filling, whiten enamel and to make ultrasonic cleaning the mouth with a nice discount.

Сезон охоты: что покупать в "черную пятницу"

La Roche-Posay, Vichy, SkinCeuticals

For body means should run on the sites of La Roche-Posay, Vichy, SkinCeuticals. On La Roche-Posay discounts of 20 percent will operate five days: from 20 to 25 November. Mark, however, got a little greedy — action for new items and gift sets are not covered. For everything else there’s the code: BLACKFRIDAY.

From 23 to 26 November, with every purchase at vichyconsult.ru given a 20% discount on everything, again except for gift sets. Code: BLACKFRIDAY20. Great chance to buy essential thermal water, photogenic black mask with charcoal, dry shampoo for those, who are always in a hurry, and sunscreen (if you’re lucky, which will go to the sea during winter holidays).

Сезон охоты: что покупать в "черную пятницу"

For the most powerful weapons in the fight against anti-aging changes you on the SkinCeuticals website. 22 (19:00) on 25 November, there will be a 20% discount on everything. Code: 2211.

To help, almost like Chip and Dale, rush serum, in the range of us brands galore. Phyto Corrective hyaluronic acid and Botanical extracts to restore the skin after aesthetic procedures, Phloretin CF with floretina, vitamin C and ferulic acid to prevent and correct skin damage, Retinol 0.5 and Retinol 1.0, with the highest concentration of pure retinol available without a prescription, anti-wrinkle, H. A. Intensifier to increase hyaluronic acid in the skin and Blemish&Age Defense with dievas and salicylic acid against acne.


Treat your hands to a rich cream with Shea butter to soften skin cream with essential oil of immortelle, to moisturize the body from head to toe with milk with walnuts and almond extract — it can all be done through the bestsellers of the French brand L’occitane. When buying in branded stores and the online store until 25 November 2018 will be discounted 20 percent. It’s a pity gift and Spa certificates, advent calendars and gift sets offer does not apply.


Beauty Institute Babor

The Babor beauty institutes in Moscow also prepared a nice discount. So, on Shmitovsky “black Friday” will be held from 22 to 25 November, and in the beauty space on Staromonetny from 23 to 25 November. All guests will be offered a 10% discount on facial treatments and treatments for body. To choose a program of correction, a relaxing Spa treatment with aromatic oils of lavender, Jasmine and patchouli, and creamy salt scrubs, seaweed and volcanic body wrap, all types of massage and specialty cosmeceutical treatments Doctor Babor.

There you can buy beauty tools: on line to discount 30 percent on cosmetics and range Skinovage PX — 40 percent, on ample sets of 15 per cent for products from the “Cleaning” with the purchase of two products — 10 percent.
Сезон охоты: что покупать в "черную пятницу"

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