«Унижение настоящей культуры»: концерт Ольги Бузовой в Саратове был отменен из-за протестов The singer has a very busy schedule of performances. Olga tries to please fans from all corners of Russia, and therefore stands every day in a new city. However, the concert in Saratov took place. Local authorities have refused her to a show at the theater of Opera and ballet.
«Унижение настоящей культуры»: концерт Ольги Бузовой в Саратове был отменен из-за протестов

For half a year Olga Buzova became really popular favorite. The star has directed several high-quality videos, and also recorded hits, sung by the whole country. However, in addition to fans of Olga and a lot of haters. Many annoying her behavior, and some blame the outfit of the stars “House-2”. One of the concerts, which was held in Saratov, did not take place, as the local authorities objected to the fact that Olga sang in the theater of Opera and ballet. This was reported by a member of the Public chamber of the region Mikhail Volkov.

“Olga Buzova will not act in the theater of Opera and ballet. It was a lot of negative reviews, and they were heard. This suggests that civil society develops. Popular culture should not go to the masses through the humiliation of this culture. There are places where Buzova can raise your ego and multiply followers. All DK on the outskirts will be happy. Most officials agreed with this position. Thank you all for your activity,” Volkov wrote on the page on the social network, laying crossed a red cross portrait Buzova.

Now theatrical Agency entered the position of viewers and listeners Olga and returns the amount for the tickets. Post Volkova caused an active discussion. “The popularity of the character inexplicable”, “What kind of an improvement? Buzova you did not like you see in the Opera. Tomorrow you say do not like. And how “the Saratov Beau Monde”? Where furs and diamonds to go out?”, “It’s amazing somehow. Not typical for the Saratov officials such demarches,” wrote the social network users.

Volkov added that her concert was not forbidden, but “politely asked to move to another place”. He’s worried about the fate of the younger generation that is too easy to influence. The member of public chamber of the older of two daughters.

“She’s the leader of the Russian Instagram, thereby influencing an entire generation of adolescents. And Teens don’t always know how to choose and follow the mass. And normally that part of the adolescents will be protected from it,” – wrote the wolves in the responses to comments.

Olga did not respond to the statement of a member of the public chamber. The actress admitted that she often bombarded by a barrage of negativity with which she has to cope without male support.