“Human baseness”: Yana Poplavskaya told what gave slaps sons

«Человеческая подлость»: Яна Поплавская рассказала, за что дала пощечины сыновьям
The actress made a bold confession about parenting.

«Человеческая подлость»: Яна Поплавская рассказала, за что дала пощечины сыновьям

Yana Poplavskaya, with her son Nikita


Yana Poplavskaya is the mother of two adult sons. Since then, the artist embarked on the path of motherhood, she formed the principles of parenting, which she now shares with other parents. Recently, the Network published an article Poplavskaya on the theme of punishment in the family.

Poplavskaya remembered that her own father only once in my life took the strap to explain to Jan what she did wrong. However, even then he could not flog a daughter. Jan sure to beat children as punishment, only the people “in Psychophysics cruel”. The others can handle the challenges of parenting a “little blood”.

Jan to “spanking strap” is not used, but it gave the children a slap. “I gave to his sons face. My great-grandfather always said that the most inviolable in life is a person. If hit in the face, then beaten for the actions out of the ordinary that related to the fact that people crossed the line of meanness, a line of permissibility”, — said Jan.

She is sure that you need not to “manhandle” children for misconduct, and to communicate with them. To enter the dialogue must be in “cold” state, not to say the wrong thing. By the way, one of the most effective methods of punishment Yana believes… silence. Ignore communicating with children gives, in the opinion of Poplavskaya, more effect than the education of the “force.”

Yana Poplavskaya son Klim

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“More than anything, we love to chat. The loss of this communion is the most serious punishment. But always when I stopped to chat with the kids, I articulate precisely why I’m doing this: “You can protest, disagree, say that other parents better, but I’ll tell you why I do it, — quotes Jan Letidor.ru. — I love my children. They were never perfect and never will be. And no one has perfect children. Not sure you need it or not — perfect people are not interesting.”