Хью Лори снова станет доктором в новом сериале «Шанс»

Actor and musician Hugh Laurie we used to see in the role of the notorious Dr. Gregory house, unusual mind-set which helps to cure a person in a hopeless situation.

The series that brought Lori the wide popularity of “house” ended, but the role of Dr. Hugh can not refuse.

The British accepted the offer of the creators of the new series called “Chance” about his participation.

In this teleserie Hugh will once again be the man who gave the Hippocratic oath.

“Chance” is a story about a court neuropsychiatrist (Hugh Laurie), who has to fight not only the disease of the mind, but also with police corruption. The series will consist of 2 seasons of 10 episodes each (and, most likely, at the end of season 2 will not be renewed because, in the words of Hugh Laurie, 2 seasons will be enough to tell the whole story).

The premiere of “Chance” will take place from the beginning of a new series of the season.

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