Hugh Laurie decided to play Santa Claus

Хью Лори решил поиграть в Санта-Клауса
“Dr. house” surprised their fans.

Hugh Laurie


58-year-old actor
surprised and touched its fans. Becoming the victim of an error in the service
delivery, Lori spared no time and effort to try to fix what happened.

It all started in
the fact that the door of the house Hugh Laurie knocked the courier and handed puzzled the actor
a package that, by all rights, was given his name and address. Opening
the parcel, Lori was even more surprised — he found three objects that are exactly
not ordered. There was a Board game, a book on the biology and another subject.

On Reflection, Hugh
realized that the package was intended to some student and was supposed to be
his gift for Christmas. The fact that due to stupid mistakes some kid
will remain without a gift, he was upset. And then Hugh decided to act. He posted
Network message read: “Dear(Aya) uncle or aunt, mother or
dad, I accidentally received your package. Back I did not accept, but I
wish you all well received. Here is a photo of two of the three gifts. If you
tell me what is the third item and indicate your address, I
immediately send it to you!” And attached to his letter the
they discovered two things.

impressed by Hugh’s deed, because he could just throw in the trash unnecessary
things. But he thought about how upset and the recipient of the gift and givers He…
Lori loves family holidays and is doing everything in his power to spend as much time as possible with his wife Jo, two sons, Charles and will, and daughter Rebecca. Alas, it is not possible always. So, while
he starred in “Dr. house” in the United States, he was for some years separated
friends who live in London.