Hugh Laurie by mistake sent a package with gifts for Christmas

Хью Лори по ошибке отправили посылку с подарками на Рождество

Actor Hugh Laurie in good faith trying to save the Christmas of one of the families whose gift he mistakenly received. Photo of Board games, which came to him under the door, the actor put up to Twitter to ask its readers to help search for the present recipient.

“Loving parent/uncle/aunt — I have received your parcel by mistake and don’t know how to send the parcel back to Amazon in order to be confident in its delivery to these customers. If you call the third item, I’ll send the package straight to you,” wrote Lori in a message on Twitter.

The actor got his popularity thanks to the TV series “house MD”. He played a doctor from 2004 to 2012 year. In 2016, the LOI was played by Richard Roper in The Night Manager — a man who built an Empire by selling weapons to high ranks.

Such a generous act to return the gifts back to the other family came. Despite the choice of playing such a dark and strange characters, Lori, along with his wife Jo green, which is from 1989 year, preparing Christmas gifts to your detail, Charles, William and Rebecca.

Such generosity of actor and professionalism was rewarded with his star on the walk of fame. As reported the Guardian in acceptance speech the actor thanked America for.. jeans, pizza and martinis.

“I have to say that the world is extremely unfair. Here I am 57 years old and all my life I was lucky, and it was so much that now every day I wait, when I fall on the head of a Grand piano. Well, just to restore the cosmic balance,” said Hugh.
To congratulate the actor with this event came colleagues on the series “Jeeves and Wooster”, in particular Stephen fry, actress Diane Farr, a colleague on the series “Chance,” as well as the Creator of the series “Dr. house” David shore, as well as many other friends and friends of Lori.
Recall that in addition to acting career Hugh and boasts a music career, Laurie has released two Blues albums and boasts collaborations with such artists as Irma Thomas and Tom Jones.