Hugh Jackman will do a film about a young Indian

Хью Джекман займется фильмом о юном индейце

Non-performer as the Wolverines have not once talked about the fact that he wants to develop in other directions, to try new projects. One of these could soon be a screen adaptation of the autobiographical novel of modern American writer Sherman Alexie called “the Absolutely true diary part-time Indian”.

Yet Jackman’s participation in the project is limited to only production functions, but it is possible that there are Hugh may be involved as an actor.

The plot of the book tells of 14-year-old Indian boy named Arnold Spirit. He is a talented child, who in the future can achieve great heights in caricaturistic. However, dream boy not feasible while he lives in his reservation on the West of the country.

At one point, he decides to go into the big world and to go to school, where they will be the only representative of the indigenous population of America.

Other details of the project were not disclosed. Dates are not specified.