Хью Джекман напугал фанатов болезненным внешним видом

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman is a fairly active user of social networking.

The Aussie often pleases fans with new publications that collect a lot of “likes”, and laudatory reviews. Much to the dismay of the stars of the “Wolverines” his last post was the complete opposite of the previous one. The followers of the actor smashed to smithereens, besides began seriously to worry about the health of his idol.

The actor posted on his page in Instagram picture, which looks very tired and aged. His face puffy, bags under my eyes and in the beard considerably added gray hair. “That’s what I always say,” succinctly, but very vaguely signed the “Wolverine”.

Fans began to wonder that so much could affect the health and appearance of the actor.

Some have suggested that this is a side effect of treatment carcinoma.

But, thank God, the answer was far more simple and even simplifying the soul: in this photo of Jackman is located in makeup.

Now Hbo takes part in the filming of a new project — the painting of comic book Wolverine. The old man Logan”, reports “Russian newspaper”. In the story, the world was plunged into postapokalipticheskuyu the spleen, and the United States groaning under the heel of supervillains. The President was the villain the Red Skull, in Las Vegas Affairs run by the eternal enemy of the x-men, magneto, and the villain with the telling nickname ” the Abomination settled in California.

Wolverine has become a common farmer, who spends his last days in the family circle.

Note that in subsequent publications, Jackman looks handsome as before, but because of her health experience is not necessary.

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